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Your heating and cooling unit doesn’t just turn on during random parts of the day. It’s your thermostat’s job to determine the current temperature within your home while keeping in mind the controlled temperature setting you’ve provided. If the current temperature rises above or dips below your set temperature, the thermostat sends signals to your AC or furnace, respectively, to power on.

If the brain of your system starts sending mixed or no signals at all, it’s time for a thermostat repair in Katy, TX. Our licensed and certified heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractors at 4C A/C & Heating will help you determine whether a tweak or thermostat replacement is better and when to call for assistance.

When Do You Need a Thermostat Repair or Replacement?

If you have a digital thermostat that’s not displaying anything on its screen, it’s incapable of sending signals to your unit to function. While manual thermostats won’t look any different, you’ll observe an issue when your system doesn’t turn on, most likely due to an inadequate thermostat power source.

Therefore, replace the battery. If there’s still no response, call a technician to check for loose screws or wires that may need tightening or frayed or broken wires that require replacing.

The technician will also uninstall the thermostat, blowing compressed air into it to remove dust and other debris blocking airflow. This blockage covers the sensors, leading to temperature misreadings, and settles over parts, causing them to work harder and deteriorate. You should also call for a thermostat repair if you notice the following:

  • Miscalibrations when your thermostat gives wrong readings
  • Your thermostat setting moving on its own
  • Your unit short or long cycling

Thermostats typically last 10 years, but without regular maintenance, they fall apart prematurely, refusing to respond to commands or room temperatures. Keep your utility bills low and your heating and cooling system efficient with new options.

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What Are Some Thermostats You Should Consider?

Unlike manual thermostats, programmable thermostats allow you to preset a maximum of four temperatures daily, depending on the time of day. For instance, set the temperature to go up automatically when you’re at work on a hot Katy day and lower it before you return home. A thermostat repair or replacement of this sort also does this on a larger scale by allowing you to schedule your week in the following ways:

  • 1-week program: One temperature setting repeats seven days a week
  • 5-2 program: There’s one temperature setting for the weekdays and another for the weekends as your schedule changes
  • 5-1-1 program: Alongside one set temperature for the weekdays, you have an individual setting for Saturday and another for Sunday
  • 7-day program: Uniquely set each day of the week to a different setting

Smart thermostats take programmable thermostats to the next level by allowing you to not only preset temperatures but also make alterations from your phone, tablet, or computer. For instance, if you’re coming back from a trip a day early and need your thermostat to provide relief when you return home, you can change it in the app. The unit also learns your preferences, adjusting naturally for energy saving.

Thermostat repair & Installation Experts in Katy, TX

Whether you need a thermostat repair or replacement, you need over 10 years of trustworthy experience with a five-star licensed and contracted team. If you need an electrical or mechanical thermostat installation, you need the best connections to top manufacturing brands like Ruud, Lennox, and Carrier.

Looking for thermostat repair near me? At 4C A/C & Heating, we provide it all when you call 281-505-1545 to schedule services in Katy, TX, and the surrounding areas today!

Thermostat Repair & Replacement