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Dealing with an issue like an AC compressor not turning on is stressful. The correct AC compressor replacement can eliminate this stress and give you peace of mind.

At 4C A/C & Heating, we bring over ten years of experience in professional replacement, maintenance, and repair services. Our services ensure you and your family stay cool during the hottest temperatures.

Katy, TX, residents can benefit from affordable costs to replace their AC compressors by calling our technicians at 281-505-1545!

An AC Compressor Not Turning On and Other Problems

When your compressor isn’t turning on, you should call our crew for a new AC compressor replacement or repair. Besides your compressor not turning on, other signs of a bad AC compressor include:

Refrigerant leaking or smelling refrigerant

An AC unit only blowing hot air

No cold air exiting air vents

Loud noises, including rattling or clicking sounds

An AC compressor clutch not moving

Intermittent or uneven cooling

How Much Does it Cost to Replace AC Compressors?

AC compressor replacement costs can vary, but generally, replacing this component costs more than most parts, such as a serpentine belt.
Sometimes, it’s possible to repair an AC compressor, but issues like broken seals require an immediate replacement. Our team can resolve issues like excess sludge or debris in your AC system without replacing or often repairing your compressor.

It’s never our goal to make homeowners spend more money than they have to. We understand a new AC compressor costs a lot but ignoring certain problems only creates more significant financial burdens down the road.

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Can I Replace My AC Compressor Myself?

To save money, homeowners may try replacing their AC compressor themselves, but you should avoid doing so for the following reasons:

  • It’s dangerous: An AC compressor replacement involves dealing with toxic refrigerants and gasses. These substances alone make replacing an AC compressor a risky task.
  • You probably don’t have the best tools: With enough luck, it’s possible to replace an AC compressor from your car or HVAC system using standard tools. However, you’re likely to struggle and take more time than our crew using specialized equipment.
  • You can void your system’s warranty: Depending on when you bought your air conditioner, it may still have a warranty attached to it. Attempting repairs yourself or using an unlicensed contractor can sometimes void your warranty.

Our AC Compressor Replacement Process

Knowing how to replace your AC compressor can depend on factors like its make and model, alongside if you need to replace a compressor in your vehicle. However, replacing a compressor typically involves seven steps:

  1. Our crew starts by checking your AC unit’s pressure.
  2. Next, we check your compressor’s power and remove any refrigerant.
  3. Our next step involves uninstalling your system’s expansion valves, compressor, tubes, and drier.
  4. To remove any backed-up sludge or debris, we flush out your system.
  5. Our team then installs your AC unit’s new compressor and other necessary components.
  6. Using refrigerant, we recharge your system.
  7. Lastly, we ensure you have no leaks and finish by testing your AC unit, ensuring it’s properly blowing cold air.

Before replacing your compressor, we always give you a free estimate. We can even recommend alternative options, like replacing your air conditioner if it’s reaching the end of its lifespan.

AC Compressor Replacement Process
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A failing HVAC system may mean you need an AC compressor replacement. The cost of replacing this component can vary, but our 4C A/C & Heating team can help you find the best deal.

Katy, TX, residents can call our 4C A/C & Heating team at 281-505-1545 to learn more about our services!